# 147 Electronics Search Service

Electronics Search Service..Best Deals on Computer Related Items

Over this last couple of years I have purchased a laptop computer,

a digital camera, a printer and a scanner.

All of these purchases were a humungous success thanks to Joe O'Brien.

Joe basically told me:

1. exactly what brand, make & model to buy
2. where to buy it.

It has occured to me that other people might benefit from asking Joe's
advice too. Many of us are extremely busy and most of us aren't technology
wizards. However...from time to time we need to purchase computers,
printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc.

Joe wants everyone to know that he is NOT a technology expert.

However...he is knowledgeable and he has found some wonderful bargains for not only
me...but for my buddies.
If you are in need of a tech related item and:

A. are too busy to hunt around for the best buy
B. too dumb to know exactly what to buy even if you had the time
C. a combination of A & B ..... send an SOS to Joe O'Brien at:


Joe will scout around for the best buy available if you tell him exactly
what you'd like. If you don't know exactly what you'd like...he'll also be
willing to suggest a possible product and then try to find the best deal
available on it.


If you are happy with his services then all he asks in return is a $10.00
donation to IGCA Rescue.

Proceeds will benefit the Rescue Fund.

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