#150 Running IG Pens-Greyt!


Do you go bananas every once in awhile on a futile hunt for a handy pen?
That's because most pens are sized in such a fashion that they are almost
invisible to the naked eye These pens are PERFECT! They are definitely
recommended by Judy Longhouse who uses them almost exclusively. I have had
ONE pen going for months now! Anyway...these are blue ink ball point pens
and they each have a protective cap on the end. On the stem is the imprint
of tiny paw prints along with the following message: "Adopt a Hound". At the
top is a plastic outline of a running IG.

This pen will NOT get lost in a drawer...it's so darned easy to spot!

Quantity of 5 in assorted colors.

$7.00 including shipping.

Please email Judy Longhouse to order

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