# 019 Gondola T-shirts and Sweatshirts

Another t-shirt, sweatshirt pattern that is now available through IG Rescue is

"The Gondola" design.

Mary Frankio has a buddy who designed a cartoon of 2 Iggy sweethearts riding in

a Gondola that is propelled by another Iggy.

The scene is obviously venetian.

Underneath the cartoon are the words:

"Love Italian Style"

and then in smaller letters off to the side, "IG Rescue".

The printing is in black and the t-shirt or sweatshirt color is in neutral.

T-shirts are $12

Sweatshirts are $18

Including shipping.

There will be an extra charge of $2.00 for XXL and XXXL sizes.

If using PayPal please indicate your choice of style and size

in the message window provided......Thanks!



Please emal Judy Longhouse to order.


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