#179 IG Rescue 2002 Calendars




TMy deepest thanks goes to Laura Dion Jones and Mary Frankio for their many contributions and hard work on this calendar. It was worth every bit of their blood, sweat and tears. This is our best calendar yet!

We decided to upgrade from common stock paper to high gloss coated stock..and it was worth every extra penny! The calendar cover beautifully displays Laura's gorgeous Iggies in color.

On the inside is page after page of exquisitely beautiful Italgrey Iggies in black and white. The back page is covered with Italgrey e-mail addys...so you won't have to go bananas trying to find your buddies' e-mail addys! Near the back..there are also some great ads that will interest just about all of you.

There are several printed messages on different dates...so you'll know who is having a birthday when All in all I think that you'll all LOVE this calendar. The best part is that all profit will go to help a dog in need through the IGCA Rescue program.

Here are ordering directions: Please write a short note telling me that you'd like to order a calendar (specify how many), enclose a check made payable to IGCA Rescue in the amount of $10.00 per calendar and mail to:

Mrs. Judy Longhouse

Italian Greyhound Rescue

196 Parklands Dr.

Rochester, NY 14616

Upon receipt of your order...I will ask our volunteer to mail out your calendar asap.


and yep..Gracie's in that calendar . :)

Please email LonghouseJ@aol.com to order.

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