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Pink Swirly Design

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Green mini-leopard (2 only!)


New! Gramma Frankio has attached buckles for added safety -

disclaimer below still applies.

Here is a cotton/polyester fully washable harness vest. Around the neck and under the belly are two strips of industrial strength velcro. For dogs who tend to pull when walking on leash...this vest is WONDERFUL!!! My IG has had several bouts with painful pinched nerves in the neck as a result of pulling on leash. This vest has completely solved that problem...no more neck aches!!! Chest velcro is widely adjustable. Neck buckle will fit most Italian Greyhounds.

The vest was created by Gramma Frankio in collaboration with daughter, Mary. Three cheers for both the Frankio ladies on a GREYT addition to the Rescue Items site!!!


Harness vests come in two sizes ONLY: regular and large. Size regular fits most IGs 8 to 12 pounds in weight. Large harness vests fit most very large IGs, but not necessarily all.


Multi Pin Stripe (maroon, navy, black), Mocha Design (SOLD OUT!), Blue/White with Red Dots --Regular Size only
Red Paws- Size Large only! Out of stock on blue paws.
Scooby Doo (limited number)- Green mini-leopard -Muted Blue Small Pattern -Large Only


For legal reasons...IGCA Rescue does not guarantee this vest to be 100% safe. However...I use this particular vest on my dog ALWAYS. It meets my own personal safety standards. Each of you can make your own decision.


Please indicate a FIRST AND SECOND CHOICE of fabric.

Size Regular are $15.00 each

Size Large are $18.00 each


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