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Comfort Zone Pheromones - IMPROVES IG Behavior!


Here is a calmative canine behavior modification plug-in. A gentle, slightly "woodsy", almost imperceptible to humans...aeromatic is dispensed when Comfort Zone is properly plugged in. Female dogs secrete special pheromones while nursing their offspring..called, "appeasing pheromones". They act to comfort and reassure the puppies in times of stress. They have been shown to have the same effect on adult dogs as well. Comfort Zone with D.A.P. (dog appeasing pheromone) has been formulated to mimic these pheromones in order to calm dogs of all ages and reduce or even completely stop undesirable stress-related behavior.
Comfort Zone may reduce or completely stop stress related behavior including: excessive barking, urination & defecation, whimpering & whining, anxiety, chewing. Comfort Zone helps comfort dogs and puppies in stressful situations such as: being alone in the house; visitors to the home; new pet or family member; moving to a new home; visits to the veterinarian; adjusting to a new environment; thunderstorms and fireworks. One bottle should last four to 6 weeks..and sometimes even longer!
Sale of this item benefits IGCA Rescue.

Initial Price: $39.00 including shipping

Refill Price: $22.00 including shipping

Please click on first PayPal button to order one bottle.
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Please email Judy Longhouse to order.

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