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# 234 Primp Your Pooch Shampoo

Primp Your Pooch Shampoo
Aromatherapy, Moisturizing, Conditioning and Anti-Bacterial

Here is a delightful shampoo to use on your dog, cat or horse. It is actually an aromatherapy shampoo and contains an anti-depressant that calms, relaxes and stimulates scared, stressed and tense pets. It contains: 1. anti- inflammatory 2. anti-itch 3. anti-flaking 4. anti-scaling 5. anti-dandruff and anti-bacterial properties. It conditions, moisturizes and soothes irritated skin and hot spots, helps to balance oil glands, regenerate cells, eliminate odors, repel mosquitos (for up to 24 hours) and leaves a show quality coat with a soft shine. It also helps to reduce problems with shedding. If your pet gets sprayed by a skunk this shampoo will really help to get rid of skunk odors.

This product is made with pure essential oils: Australian tea tree, pure essential oil from Europe; Egyptian rose geranium, Tunisian pennyroyal...all in a mild shampoo base. This product can be diluted 4 : 1 with water....so a little goes a long way. According to Mary Frankio who has used it successfully on MANY IGs....this product is beyond WONDERFUL!!

However, here at IG Rescue we do not recommend daily bathing in any shampoo for your dog. However...this product is gentle and comes highly recommended by Mary,  a rescue rep of long-standing who has used it on MANY dogs. As in any product...nothing is perfect for every dog. Although this product should be very low in allergens...almost anything can cause an allergic reaction in a vulnerable pet. We recommend consulting with your vet before using this or any other shampoo. IG Rescue cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions.

The price is $15 and includes shipping.


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