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#243 Medic Alert Dog Tag (also works for cats!)



The IGCA Health Fund is offering a medic alert dog tag that can be attached directly to your IG's collar.  On the front is the Medic Alert symbol and on the back is space for engraving your dog's name...plus medical problem such as:  seizures, diabetic, blind, deaf,  cancer.  You might even like to engrave the name of the medication needed by your dog.  Measurement is 1" diameter and these tags are made of quality stainless steel.  This is a possible life-saving tag!!!!  

Price is $10.00 for the first tag  and $9.00 for additional tags. 

The price INCLUDES the cost of engraving!!!!! 

Please click on first PayPal button to order one Tag.

Click on second PayPal button to order additional Tags.



Please email Judy Longhouse to order.

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