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Music CD

for the Spoiled Rotten IG

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds

Peter Groenendijk in The Netherlands

Here is the ultimate for your spoiled rotten IG!!! It is a sealed brand new CD of music composed, performed and produced by Peter Groenendijk in The Netherlands. The album was made exclusively for your dog!! It is perfect for lounging after a walk or run or during a boring day at home. The title of this CD is "Dog Lounge". It will no doubt please your dog....promoting relaxation and happiness. And...when your dog is happy...SO ARE YOU!!!

Here is a list of song titles:

1. Home Alone

2. A Doggy Dream

3. On My Pillow

4. Birdy, My Best friend

5. A Journey at Sea

6. Chill Out

7. Chihuahua Song

8. Puppy Love

9. A Rainy Day

10. Happy to Lounge

11. A Lazy Afternoon

The entire program takes about 45 minutes. Iggy will LOVE this music!!! (who cares about you <VBG>).

Ten of these CDs were sent to the USA and donated to IGCA Rescue by Lotje. The entire program was reviewed by Lotje's own Iggy Extraordinaire: Maestro Bello Van Hengel in The Netherlands and pronounced A MASTERPIECE!!! (I have personally heard Bello howl...and can testify as to his musical... er accomplishments.) According to Bellow....er Bello (who is an expert on IG music standards)...the music is both beautiful and soothing. Purchase of this item will guarantee further spoiling of your Already Spoiled Rotten IG!!

Price: $18.00 including shipping.


Please email Judy Longhouse to order.

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