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#003 Web Page Service

  If you're as incompetent with a computer as I am but still would like your own personally designed web page....here's your big chance! Patty Woodbury is NOT imcompetent with computers and she has offered to volunteer her time to individually design web pages. 100% of her charge will be donated to IGRescue.

The basic fee will be $25 per site. There will be a choice of background color/pattern, font color, etc. Web space must be provided by the customer. Photos should either be scanned and sent to Patty via email or snail mailed to her for scanning.

For those of you who have better places for $100 to $300 than blowing it all on a scanner ... I've got some GREAT NEWS!!!! As part of the IG Rescue Webpage Design Service, Patty Woodbury is willing to scan pictures either into a webpage or to a place of your choice for the paltry sum of $5 bucks a pic. Now... you just can't beat a deal like that As a second option.. Patty is also willing to donate her consulting services to those "html newbies"who might need a boost in the creation of web pages. The charge for a consulting fee will be $25.00. Sometimes all it takes is a boost here and there in order to design some gorgeous web pages. With Patty's help you'll create some GREAT pages!!!!! Just so you know.. Patty is donating these services free of charge to IG Rescue.... so anything you pay her goes straight to the Rescue fund.


This offer is for personal websites only -no business sites -thanks!

Updating can also be requested for an additional donation to IG Rescue. Please contactPatty Woodburyfor details.



Please email
LonghouseJ@aol.com to order.

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