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#031 - Martingales and Slip Leads

Beautiful custom made martingales are being
made and donated by Mary Ellen LaRochelle.

She is offering some new and exciting design choices as pictured below.

Also, Mary Ellen actually has a *lot* of "unadvertised" trims.

Unadvertised because they are one-of-a-kind and she may not be able to replace them when they run out.

If anyone has a special request I'm sure she can accomodate them!

Also offered are slip leads in the same design choices.

(See finished collar and attached lead below)

Shown above is a non-adjustable martingale collar with a permanently attached 6' lead*.

*The lead can be custom ordered in other lengths.

Price is $16.50 each for martingales and slip leads, including shipping.

NOTE: When ordering please specify neck size.

If paying by check please email your order to Judy Longhouse at:


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