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Three Faces of Rescue

"Three Faces of Rescue" is the name of a 12" x 18" pastel portrait of three Italian Greyhounds. Three of our very special rescues were selected for this portrait. Two out of the three I have held in my arms. The third one died before I got a chance to hold him. All are special to me. This portrait is my work and was a labor of love.

The original of this portrait will be auctioned both on-line and at Canfield. The opening bid will be $50. By doing it this way.. both ITALGREY listers and the Canfield attendees can participate in this auction. All profit will go directly to IG Rescue.

Copies will also be sold. Profits from these copies will go toward the purchase of a digital camera that will be used to take pics of rescue and health fund products. All copies will be numbered and signed by me. The price per copy is $28 including shipping.

Please emailLonghouseJ@aol.com to order.

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