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# 056 Crate Pads

Don't let Doggy sleep on the hard floor of a crate.

The IGCA Health Fund is now offering beautiful crate pads

in a variety of colors and patterns.

These pads are antibacterial and contain a double thickness of

polyester fiberfill that is completely washable.

Prices for these crate pads are $7 for the small size (12.5" x 17.5") and

$9 for the large size (16" x 22").

This is a quality product and all prices INCLUDE shipping!

Please e-mail me privately for ordering instructions.

It is also possible to special order a crate pad to your own specifications.

1 Small, 2 Large only!

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Proceeds from the sale of this item will benefit the Health Fund.


Please email Judy Longhouse to order.



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