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"I'm THE BERRIES"! Jammy for Your IG! by Holly M.!!!

Here is a fun and absolutely lovely set of super plush jammies that sends a clear message: "I'm THE BERRIES!!!! The pattern is a gorgeous collage of shaded emerald along with eye-catching bright red berries. Across the fabric are scattered holly leaves. These jammies are not only warm but comfy!! They are also easy to put on and take off and great for cool morning walks and chilly nights. The design is open underneath...so potty breaks are no problem for boyz or girlz! This is great for layering under a dog coat for extra coverage in the winter months. These PJs are appropriate for any time of the year!!!

Size: these will fit a 10-14" neck, 16-20" girth and is 16" long from collar 2 tail, not including the 2" mock turtleneck. Sleeves are 9" from the shoulder to end.

Sale of this item benefits the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.

$25 including shipping!!!!
or 2 for $45.

The pic above comes close to giving you the actual colors. It is a photo of the fabric alone.



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"I'm THE BERRIES!!!! Jammy

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"I'm THE BERRIES!!!! Jammy


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