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Cozy Head-Ear Protector for Ccccccold Weather!


Here is a warm fleece IG hat (or snood) that protects both the head and ears from winter's chill. In any case...these fit just about every IG head and are comfortable without being confining. They are available in two styles. One style has a round plastic clasp for adjusting to the perfect fit. The other style simply stretches into a perfect fit...without a clasp. If you think your IG might find the clasp delicious...you can order without! The original with elastic is still available. Both styles are available and absolutely LOVELY! The fabric is both machine washable and dryable.

Marlene Norton both sews and mails these...so you can thank Marlene for keeping your IG warm this winter!!!!

These are available in solid colors and four patterns (see below)

Please email Marlene for availability of patterns.

Please specify if you prefer the black knob, elastic or ribbed style when ordering. Thanks!

Price is $17 each including shipping - or 2 for $29.

If paying by check please email Judy Longhouse with your order.

If paying by PayPal please use buttons below.

There will be a "Message to Seller" window where you can enter your coice of color (s) or pattern(s).


Please click button below to order one snood.


Please click button below to order two snoods.


Solid Colors







Charcoal Grey





Blue Leopard - 2 only

Delicate Posies - 3 only

Rusty Plaid - 1 only!

Bright Earthtones - 3 only

Holiday Red Green Checkered - 1 only!

Dog Pattern - 6 only

Plaid - 8 only
Holiday Tree and Snowman Snood - 1 only!

Light Tan - 2 only


The Holiday Red Green Checkered Snood


The Holiday Tree and Snowman Snood

These head protectors or snoods are fully reversible.
On one side is an 100% cotton print and on the other is lightweight fleece.

These snoods will be stylish, comfortable and warm!

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