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Talking Toys to Delight YOUR IG!!!!

Here are IG size soft plush talking toys from Multi-Pet international. Over the years these toys have proven to absolutely delight dogs. Meanwhile humans quietly go QUACKERS! <G> With each gentle squeeze these toys "talk" at least three times in a row. Exceptionally "talented" IGs can moo, scream, croak, gobble, quack, etc. for 15 minutes straight!!! You won't believe it!!! The toys are soft, durable and safe. Sale of these toys benefits the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.

$12 each for all toys excluding Turkeys. Price INCLUDES USA cost of shipment.

$14 each for Turkeys including USA shipping

6 monkeys

25 ducks

6 sheep

6 pigs

5 turkeys

6 frogs

6 cows

6 roosters

6 parrots