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Bandanas! Bandanas! and more Bandanas!


Your best friend will look adorable in these bandanas!

The material is a cotton, polyester mix and is fully washable.


Price is $6.00 for one bandana.

For two or more bandanas, price is $5.00 each.

Including shipping.

International shipping extra.

Please note:

Where there is more than one Bandana available

there are two PayPal buttons -

Click on first PayPal button to order one bandana.
Click on second PayPal button to order additional bandanas.

Ghost / Boo -2 ?

Pumpkins/ Spiders - 5 ?

BOO! - 3 Small Medium


Hearts and Stripes - 2

Hearts and Dots -1



Snoopy/Pumpkin 1?

Please email Judy Longhouse to order by check.

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