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Black Greyhounds or Two Iggy Design

Ancient Egyptians held dogs in such high esteem that killing one meant death as well to the perpetrator. Many Pharaohs, such as Tutankhamen, were either buried with their favorite Greyhounds or their tombs decorated with paintings of them. Anubis, the dog-headed god, was the most prominent Egyptian god. His role was to prepare bodies for burial and determine the balance of good and bad deeds committed in each life. Oupouaout, the 'trail leader' was shown as a standing Greyhound, guiding the souls of the dead to their final destination. Only Egyptian royalty were permitted to keep Greyhounds and they were carried in honor on the backs of camels when crossing the deserts.

In the designs below two Greyhounds are featured. The silhouettes could also represent Italian Greyhounds!!! Anyone with more than one IG will have a special appreciation for this design!

Black Greyhounds Small Pendant: 1.5" sterling OR bronze $35.00


Black Greyhounds Loop Earrings: 1" sterling OR bronze $35.00

Black Greyhounds Post Earrings: 1" sterling only $35.00


Including shipping-international shipping extra.




Shipping included, International shipping extra.


Please email Judy Longhouse to order.


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