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Celtic Iggy Jewelry Sale

Carmon Deyo and Mike Dibble have created a line of original jewelry in animal and mythic motifs. They have generously agreed to support IG Rescue by making their lovely jewelry available to us. Most pieces are available in either sterling silver or bronze. Most of the pix below show the sterling versions only. Bronze pieces are equally lovely!!!!! Prices are generally very affordable!!

Please visit all the sites listed below. When you see something you'd like please e-mail me in order to place an order. I am taking preliminary orders now. Delivery of these items will probably not take place until May or June. Please order soon....after March 20th there will be no further orders taken.


Hounds Hares Pendants/Bracelets/Tie Tack


Black Greyhounds Earrings/Pendant


White Hare of Howden