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Shades of Coral IG Pins
Perfect for the Autumn Season!!!!
Here are some gorgeous real quality glass pins in various shades of coral and in various shapes and sizes. Each pin has three things in common: 1. a lovely Italian Greyhound 2. a pumpkin and 3. shades of rich deep coral!!! These pins are eye-catching and absolutely beautiful!!! They are especially appropriate for the fall season...but would be lovely for any season! These pins were created for IG Rescue and donated to IGRF by Susan Frumerie Pretto. Each one is unique!!!! On the back of each is a pin with a tac type of closure.

$18 INCLUDING the cost of shipping for USA and Canadian residents. Please add an extra $3 for international shipping.



Please click here to purchase a pin for USA.

Please click here to purchase a pin for International.



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