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Iggy Coats-great selection!!!

Here is the latest European collection of high fashion coats by Lotje. Each item is handmade from Lotje's own design and is absolutely unique. The best part is that these clothes FIT because Lotje KNOWS Italian Greyhounds!! Most of the coats can be handwashed in cold water and laid flat to dry. If in doubt..dry clean. So far there has not been a single complaint from any of the people who have bought Lotje's Iggy fashions!!!!!!!!!

Bleached Bunnies Coat

Tacky Predator Coat

Beaded Jeans Coat

Chrysanthemum Coat

Court Jester Coat

Black and White Coat

Basic Diesel Coat

Squared Flowers Coat

Rocky Mountain Coat

Striped Jeans Coat

Please click on the links above to view the Coats.

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