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# 174 Laura Dion-Jones Designs

How would you like to own a flattering designer dress and help Rescue at the same time? Unfortunately for American women...ours is one of the few societies throughout history that values the anorexic look. Skinny doesn't equate with beautiful in my opinion. Laura Dion Jones agrees and she had the talent to do something about it. Laura is one of the top designers in the country for the full-figured woman (size 12 and up). Her designs are elegant, flattering and UNIQUE!

Over a million Dion-Jones dresses have been sold during the last 12 years and they are worn by elegant full-figured women all over the world! Laura has appeared with Oprah and has designed for Della Reese, Sissy Houston (Whitney's Mom), Bold and Beautiful soap opera, Touched by an Angel and several other celebs including Rosemary Clooney. She also designs for the average woman from Anytown, USA...and I can tell you that her designs are breathtaking.

Laura's business is extremely successful. It is successful to the point of her being in a position to offer a substantial percentage of designer sales made through the IGCA Rescue site directly to Rescue. Laura is committed to all the little Iggy guys and gals who have no one else and she is willing to donate her time, talent and financial support to IGCA Rescue. She is making a difference. Within the next day or two there will be a direct link from the IGCA Rescue site to Laura's fashion site. I will warn you right now that you won't find WalMart prices at that site. You also won't find unflattering, poorly constructed clothing that falls apart after two washes. You also won't find skinny models prancing around advertising full-figured clothing. Laura's models are all statuesque, gorgeous and proud of their size and shape. They have a right to feel that way. Wait till you see them. Right now the photo page is still under construction..but I have seen the brochure and both the models and clothing are beautiful. At the fashion site you will find: blouses, skirts, pants, ensembles, dresses, coats and jackets.

Please visit: http://www.dionjonesltd.com

On that page...the opening paragraph says it all: "Are you fed up with clothes that are skimpy and unbecoming? Clothes that cover you up instead of showing you off to your best advantage? Have you HAD IT with inferior fabrics? Colors that fade? Shabby craftsmanship? Quality that isn't?"

Well...Laura is ready, willing and able to dress you beautifully and help Rescue at the same time!!! (DON'T FORGET TO MENTION THAT YOU FOUND YOUR WAY TO DION-JONES CREATIONS THROUGH IGCA RESCUE! Laura will then donate a portion of your purchase directly to Rescue).

Please email LonghouseJ@aol.com if you need more info.

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