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IG Fun in the Sun Hats
Here are some protective sun hats that are actually comfortable for your IG to wear. They are also just plain FUN!!! Take a look at the selection below. Many of these hats are one of a kind so please e-mail Deb Maicach at: She will let you know if the hat you'd like is available!!! Some dogs like to wear these hats when it's windy because of the protection they offer to delicate IG whiskers. The IG Queen pictured below is one of those IGs. She's a real DIVA. These hats are appropriate for both male and female IGs!!!!

p.s. If you have any breed of Sighthound including Greyhounds Whippets, Borzois, Deerhounds, Salukis, etc. who would like a hat.....please write to Deb and she will let you know about colors. The price would be the same!

Sale of these hats benefits the over 800 per year dogs of IGCA Rescue!!!!

$8 including the cost of shipping to the USA or Canada. Please add an extra $3 for shipping to Europe, Australia or New Zealand.

Gracie in Fun Sun Gracie in Bones on Mint Gracie in Hot Pink Stripe
African Safari Blue Bubble Bones on Mint
Candy Stripe Red Stripe Fun in Sun
Hot Pink Fun Krazy Kolor Plaid Tartan
Polka Dot Blue Red Zigzag  




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