Announcing the arrival of 12 week old
Georgie Longhouse
aka Bo-Bett's Gorgeous George;
by a grateful Judy Longhouse


I have been granted a miracle in the form of an exquisite little Italian Greyhound puppy. His breeder named him "Gorgeous George".....and he is! Unlike most puppies this little fellow is not a trouble-maker. That role is reserved for "You Know Who". He is incredibly loving, well behaved and bright. This little man is truly amazing. He has an absolutely awesome temperament. There isn't a mean bone in his body. He is also sensitive to Gracie and her needs. He never jumps on her, scares her or bothers her in any way. She is almost 15....and doesn't always feel well. This little puppy understands that. Today she cleaned his ears. It's a miracle.

And speaking of miracles....let me tell you how this adoption came about. Every year as soon as I get to Florida.... I call my friend, Carol Harris, at Bo-Bett farm. We always arrange a visit....and I go to Bo-Bett and get to play with some of the most beautiful Italian Greyhounds in Iggydom. I also have fun visiting with Carol, her wonderful human family and dedicated staff. Those visits are pure pleasure. This year I called with sad news. As I tried telling Carol about the loss of George the Greyt......I fell apart and had trouble getting the words out. She told me to quit the crying because he was already at Bo-Bett waiting for me. When I asked her who.....she said simply: "Gorgeous George". Carol had bred a little boy puppy with a temperament guaranteed to heal human pain. Gorgeous George was one of a litter of two, George and Barbara. She told me that he was "marked by the hand of God". Furthermore...where God is money changes hands. Carol presented him to me as a gift of love. Here are her words:

“Gorgeous George is a living remembrance for not only Judy but for the entire world of IG Rescue. He is a fawn and white 3 month old; a small but mighty symbol of personality and pedigree that we all hope will help Judy Longhouse heal from the recent loss of her cherished friend, Pony Haven George Longhouse."

Carol gave him to me with her love. But she also gave him to all of you!!!! She knows that he will be shared in stories....and bring joy to many. The amazing thing is that Gorgeous George has a personality very similar to George the Greyt!!!! He is the same color and has very similar markings. However, Gorgeous George is his own little man with his own distinct personality.....and he is already deeply loved by me and my whole family. It is a tribute to George the Greyt that I was able to love another of his kind so quickly and so well. The Greyt one will live on in my heart forever. But I am so grateful to have Gorgeous George on this earth and in my arms. There is no way to ever thank Carol Harris enough for this beautiful gift of life. Love never dies....and love only grows.

Soooo...presenting to all of you: GORGEOUS GEORGE!!!!!!