Sheridane's Our Gracie aka The Queen 1996 - 2011






On a beautiful warm sunny spring afternoon in upstate New York Sheridane's Our
Gracie became an Angel.  She left this earth today with dignity and grace and
without pain.   Gracie was kind enough to stay on earth long enough to comfort
me after the loss of George the First.   And she was gracious enough to stay on
earth long enough to mother George the Second and teach him everything a puppy
needs to know.   Gracie loved her whole human family and she was loved by all of
us.   She will be missed more than I can ever say.  

I know that she is with the love of her life right now....driving him crazy.  
She loved George the First and was desolate when he left her.   Now they are
together.   Gracie was a working dog right up to the end of her life.  She
modeled clothes on behalf of Italian Greyhound Rescue.   She was drop dead
gorgeous right up to the last minute.   Everyone in the vet's office today
commented on the incredibly beautiful graceful little red fawn dog.   No one
came close to guessing her age.   She was 15.   She was able to see, hear and
pull stunts right to the last minute.   

If you would like to see some pix of her please visit:

In a very real sense...Gracie was not mine.  She belonged to all of us.  It was
my pleasure to share her with you.   All of you knew what a character she was
and I know that I won't be alone shedding tears tonight.   May God bless all of
you who loved her too.   I wish that I could hug and comfort you all.  Please
just know that Gracie lived a long and happy life.   I am more overwhelmed with
gratitude that I was lucky enough to be her mother.....than sadness over her
loss.  She is truly unforgettable.   Gracie will never truly be gone.  She will
live on in all of our hearts.  It's a lesson that George taught me well.   She
is, was and always will be The Queen!  

With Love,

Judy Longhouse
Proud Mother of Angel George the Greyt,
Proud Mother of Angel Gracie Longhouse and
Proud Mother of Puppy Gorgeous George


From your friends of Italgrey-l:

Gracie, you will be missed by all of us. We came to love you with your antics and shenanigans. Your love of Rescue also shone through with all of your lovely modeling!

We all could not wait for the next story and enjoyed every word.

The love you shared with your family knows no bounds and was such a lovely thing to be a part of.

We all hope that you are running free with Georgie and all the Iggies who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

We will never forget you - you are probably the most famous Italian Greyhound who ever lived!

Hugs to your Mom - we all know how much she loved you and how much she cares about Rescue. She wants EVERY dog to have what you and she shared.

We will love you forever!

Long live the Queen!







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Gracie always shared her Mom's heart in wanting to help Iggies in need - thank you so much!


Angel Gracie's Circle of Caring

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Despina Leandrou Melissa Wolf
Karen DiRocco Sondra Grumbein
Hope D'Asto Jeanne Galvin
Patty Woodbury Tammy and the Boys
Judith Much Renee McCall
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Rita Geer Lilian Barber
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