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Queen Gracie Tee Shirts
for Humans AND IGs AND Whippets!!!

For a short time IG Rescue is offering a limited edition run of special Queen Gracie tee shirts for both humans and dogs (Iggies & Whippets). All tees will be gray with royal blue lettering. For humans...the tee shirts will feature the portrait of Queen Gracie as shown below. The portrait is shown both in photo form and also in tee shirt form. In addition there will be the following message in royal blue: Own Royalty! Adopt a Dog!!!
Photo Form T-Shirt Form

The IG and Whippet tee shirts will have no portrait but they will display the following royal blue message:

I'm Royalty!!!

It is a happy fact that most Italian Greyhounds are eventually adopted. It is a tragic fact that for every IG adoption there are literally thousands of dogs lingering in shelters, waiting in line to be euthanized because there are no homes and no possibility of adoption. This is why we decided not to suggest adopting an IG...but to Adopt a Dog!!!! 100% of us on this list love Italian Greyhounds. I am betting that 100% of us love just about any dog and would do everything possible to help any animal in need. By purchasing and wearing these tee shirts and by dressing your IG or Whippet in these tees...someone might just be prompted to visit a shelter and adopt a dog! Your message is important and may actually save a dog's life.

This whole project started on a lark....but thanks to all of you ITALGREY listers...this has turned into something that may help more than just our breed. We will have some extra tees made for listing on Ebay. Hopefully dog lovers of every kind will see these tee shirts and be prompted to purchase a few. Queen Gracie is thrilled to have her photo used for this purpose.

Human tee shirts are available in all sizes. Dog tee shirts are available in:

Small (under 9 pounds)

Medium (9 to 12 pounds)

Large (13 to 15 pounds)

XL (16 to 20 pounds)

XXL Whippets

Please either order immediately via the paypal icon below or e-mail Judy Longhouse at: LonghouseJ@aol.com for ordering instructions via check. When ordering via paypal scroll down far enough to find the box where you can let us know exactly what sizes you'd like for both you and your dog. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of your order. (It is my guess that you will receive your shirts earlier...but that is a worst case scenario). This sale benefits Italian Greyhound Rescue (IGRF).


There are 15 ONLY of these limited edition human tee shirts available. If you want one better get your order in SOON!!! Payment will be via check or paypal. DO NOT ORDER VIA PAYPAL until checking with Judy Longhouse at: LonghouseJ@aol.com and making sure that a tee shirt has been reserved for you!!!!

Human Tee-shirts $18.00 (unisex) any size including shipping.

IG Tee-shirts $15.00 including shipping.



Please click here to order Human T-Shirt- $18.00



Please chick here to order Dog T-Shirt. $15.00




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