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2nd Edition

Offered for sale here are the cutest little Iggy toys this side of h***. (fill in the blanks...use your imaginations. Little old ladies and children might visit this site so I have to be careful of my language). These toys are:
1. lethal weapons 2. sanity snatchers and 3. favored toys by Italian Greyhounds and every other breed of canine in dogdom. They are soft stuffed toys just about the right size for Iggy's little mouth that make noise....dreadful, booming, deafening noise that goes on and on and on and on .........

The Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation is less than proud to offer for sale: 36 ducks, 4 frogs, 5 cows, 5 pigs, 5 sheep, 5 burping...er chirping parrots and 5 rabbits. Each makes a less than delightful noise. Purchase of any one of these toys is guaranteed to make you:   1. certifiable 2. an
immediate candidate for involuntary commitment and 3. a WONDERFUL IGGY PARENT!!!!  
Your dog will go crazy with joy....and you will just plain go crazy. These toys quack, cheap, croak and squeal FOREVER! You will hear quacking in your sleep. You will hear quacking in the kitchen. You will hear quacking in the bathroom. Gracie once quacked for 17 minutes straight. It was an all time high. You will hear quacking EVERYWHERE! Quack Quack Quack, Croak Croak Croak!

Please see below for pix of these less than lovely doggie toys.  

Cow-SOLD OUT! Duck-7 Frog-SOLD OUT!
Sheep-SOLD OUT!    

Please click on PayPal button below to order one at $12.00 each including shipping.

Please click on PayPal button below to order an additional toy at $10 each including shipping.


Please note: multiple toys can be ordered at http://www.paypal.com with the email address of <saluki48@comcast.net>-please indicate in "Message to Seller" exactly which toys you would like.



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