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Hounds & Hares Jewelry

From ancient times Sighthounds have held a significant place in Celtic history, legend and culture. The Celtic Sighthound was so valued and respected that its name became a title of honor given to chiefs, warriors, heros and champions such as Cuchulain who was known as the Hound of Ulster. These swift hounds not only kept food on the table in the form of small game but also served as protectors of the home and family. Hounds were the traditional guardian animals of roads and crossways and were believed to protect and guide souls in the Otherworld.


Hounds & Hares Pendant: 1.25" diameter sterling silver OR bronze $35.00, including shipping.

Hounds & Hares Small Pendant: 1" diameter sterling silver OR bronze $25.00, including shipping.

International shipping extra.


Please email Judy Longhouse to order.


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