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#67A Hound Togs Coat

Here is the Hound Togs teal blue nylon outdoor coat. This coat is gloriously warm besides being waterproof and fashionable. It is available in two sizes: small & large. Measure from angle of neck and back to where the tail begins. 13" & 14" measurements should order a small. 15" & 16" measurements should order a large. Many people have ordered Hound Togs coats through IGCA and there has not been a single complaint!!! Judy Benson, the creator of Hound Togs KNOWS IGs and her coats fit Iggies beautifully!!!!!! Anyone who would like a Hound Togs coat may order one. The price is $48, including shipping.

Please email LonghouseJ@aol.com to order.

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