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This Site is in Honor of
Two Official Italian Greyhound Rescue Grammas:



Gramma Mary Frankio 1921 - forever we hope!

and her twin sister Gramma Helen Chiros 1921 - 2003

For many years a set of identical twin sisters in Massachusetts have shared their talent as professional seamstresses with Italian Greyhound Rescue. Two sewing machines sat side by side in the living room as these two ladies quietly created gorgeous dog vests, coats, snugglers, collars and many other items. Every stitch was sewn with love. Every penny from the sale of these items went to help Italian Greyhounds in need.

These beautiful ladies care deeply about the plight of our canine best friends. They tried to make a positive difference in the lives of many dogs who had no one else. Gramma Frankio's daughter, Mary, is one of our best rescue reps. Mary's love for Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds extended to her whole family. Everyone wanted to help. Thanks to the two Rescue Grammas....countless vet bills have been paid, hundreds and hundreds of dogs have been saved and the world is a better place.

Sadly, Gramma Helen passed away. She continued to help Rescue right up to almost the day she died. Perhaps Gramma Helen was helped across the Rainbow Bridge by canine Angels...grateful IGs and Greyhounds. What a beautiful way to transition from one form of life to another.

Gramma Mary Frankio is devastated by the loss of her sister. However, she wants you all to know that she is going back to her sewing machine next week. The little guys need her!

The kindness, dedication and generosity of these two Official Italian Greyhound Rescue Grammas will never be forgotten.