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IGCA Health Fund

Original Lerner Sculptures and More...

Terry Lerner is a talented American sculptor specializing in dogs...particularly Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds. Her work has been reproduced in limited quantities and sold through a few hand-picked distributors and dealers. Now that Terry Lerner has retired ... her work can no longer be replaced except for some pewter items where the moulds are owned by Brass and More. The IGCA Health Fund has purchased the last of original Terry Lerner figurines. Over the next several years..those figurines will continue to escalate in value.
At this website there will be several original sculptures signed by Terry Lerner available. There are also a few other items included. Everything sold via this site benefits the IGCA Health Fund. Most of these items are availble in limited quantities only.

Bronzetone Two Curled IGs (Greyhounds)-1 only!

Bronzetone Large IG (Greyhound) Ornament-1 only!

Bronzetone IG At Attention Ornament in 2 Sizes-2 only!

Bronzetone Snoozing IG (Greyhound) Ornament-3 only!

Bronzetone IG Looking Back Ornament-2 only!

Bronzetone IG Head and Paws Ornament-1 only!

Sculptured IG and Bone Ornament



If ordering via PayPal, please indicate style and number to avoid delays in shipping.


Please email LonghouseJ@aol.com to order by check.

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