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IG High Fashion European Coats, Etc. for the 9 to 14 Pounder

Here are some delightful, stylish and COMFORTABLE IG coats from
Europe. Lotje acquired them from a variety of sources and
generously donated all of them to IGCA Rescue. MANY THANKS to
George the Greyt and Gracie the Glamorous for a superb job of
modelling. (They have been amply paid off in treats).

These are all one-of-a-kind items.

Sweater Coat for 9.5 and under IG 9-11.5 lb.IG

Feminine Blue 'n' Burgundy Spring Coat 9-11.5 lb.IG

Elegant Shimmering Coat for 11-14 lb. IGs-Reserved!

Far East IG Princess in Silk Blouse
Size 9 to 11 pound IG

Here is a delightful lightweight but warm blouse for your IG
princess!!! The material is a gorgeous shade of red and has a
lovely floral oriental design. The fabric has the look and feel of
pure silk...but I suspect it is actually a nylon base. Wash in
cold water. This blouse is GORGEOUS!!!

Price: $19.00 including shipping.

updated 12/08/06




Email Judy Longhouse to order.

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