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Unusual Lucite IG Dress Pins

Here are some unusual handmade Italian Greyhound, Greyhound or Whippet pins. There is only one jeweler in the USA who makes them. Each pin is individually hand crafted and made of lucite. Tiny genuine glass eyes are then inserted. On the back is a quality safety clasp. Around each dog's neck is a translucent ruby red collar. Measurement is: 3.5" H. These are brand new pins.

The Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation is offering 12 only of these lovely pins. There are 4 clear pins, 4 black pins and 4 white pins. The clear pins will look lovely against any fabric and the pin will allow the background fabric color design to show through. The white pins will look lovely against dark fabrics and the black pins will enhance light fabrics. Each pin has a slightly different color glass eye. Each is gorgeous. All are well made. These are absolutely elegant pins and they are not tiny.

Price per pin is $35 including shipping. Please check with Judy Longhouse at:

in order to reserve a pin. Do NOT use paypal without checking with Judy first.




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