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Wait 'til you see the gorgeous items listed here. All of the proceeds will benefit the Italian Greyhound Club of America Health Fund. Each purchase will benefit YOU as well as the future health of our beloved Iggies!



Click on the links below to view the items.

And, please remember-with each purchase, 100% of the profit goes to our beloved Iggies.



Large Lerner Leash and Coat Rack


Stretched Out Iggy-Signed, Limited Edition


Large IG Planter


Desk Set with Curled IG


Fawn IG Hanging Ornament


Blue and White IG Hanging Ornament


IG, Greyhound, Saluki Pin...Austrian Crystal


Stretched IG Pendant, 14K over Sterling


Coursing IG Pendant, 14K over Sterling


Delicate IG Bracelet, 14K over Sterling


Delicate IG Bracelet, Sterling Silver


Special Jewelry Items




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