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#073 Jewelry to Benefit Health Fund

Wait 'til you see the fabulous pieces listed here!

Iggy or Sighthound lovers will be delighted at the collection.

Click on the links below to view the items.

And, please remember-with each purchase,

100% of the profit goes to our beloved Iggies.

Gold Sculptured Pendant-temporarily out of stock

Wire Gold Sculptured Earrings - 2 only!

Gold Walking Iggy Pendant - 3 only!

Gold Walking Wire Iggy Earrings-4 only!

Gold IG Head Post Earrings - 3 only!

Sterling Silver IG Head Post Earrings -1 only!

Sterling Silver IG Walking Pendant - 2 only!

Sterling Silver IG Walking Wire Earrings - 1 only!

European Sterling IG Ring

Silver Sculptured Pendant - 3 only!

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