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Possible Sterling Silver Italian Greyhound Rescue Charm or Pendant

Take a look at the design below. ITALGREY voted for the following message: "Italian Greyhound Rescue". It is short and simple and something that just about all of us would wear. It also includes all of the various IG Rescue groups.

The round shape measures 3/4 of an inch in these sketches,which will probably be the finished size-so you may want to take a ruler to see how large that would be. The item could be made larger. If interested...please send your opinions. The letters would be raised up and polished and the black area would be recessed and given a black patina. The IG head would 'float' in the center hole and would be 3 dimensional The suggested retail cost for the pendant would be $35. the charm with the ring top - $32  and the key ring - $42. All prices INCLUDE the cost of shipping. The IG head is fully 3 dimensional and will be made of solid sterling silver. Everything is solid sterling.

From this design the following items could also be made: Cuff links, Tie Tack, Zipper Pull 
(for jacket or cell phone case) lapel pin or money clips, earrings etc.

In order to offer any of these items I would need to be sure that we could sell at least $150 worth of items. So....I need the following information from you if you would be interested in ordering:

1. Would you order one or more of these items? If so...which one or ones?

2. Is the size to your liking?

3. Would you be interested in seeing this design in the other possibilities mentioned above?

Please e-mail Judy Longhouse at: