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IG Tush Warmer

Just the other day Peaches (aka Holly Mastromatto) had a sudden attack of genius. Gracie, an infamous... er famous IG, had been complaining all day about freezing her tail off. The situation got so bad according to Grace that a long distance call was placed to Auntie Peaches in Arizona. As usual....Peaches came up with an immediate remedy...and the official IGCA Health Fund Iggy Tush Warmer was born!!!! This warmer is a 7" x 10" rice filled bag. (There will be no choice of fabric design...but what's really important is the warmth). It can be popped in the microwave and heated to any temperature you may desire. These bags really hold heat!!! Iggy can then either lay on it or sit on it. In either case....a delicate IG tush will be kept toasty warm!!! Of course, please check that the tush warmer is a comfortable temperature before Iggy uses it!

SIX ONLY in the Southwestern style!!!!

Holly has also offered to make the Tush Warmers in the lovely Batik pattern listed below.

Price $18.00 each including shipping.





Please email Judy Longhouse to order.

International shipping is extra on all items.



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