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#233 Toys Your Iggy Will Love!

#189 Iggy Chuckle Treat Ball


The Treat Ball toy is a 4.5" diameter high impact plastic treat ball. It is safe, non-toxic and easy to clean. Dogs LOVE this ball!!!!
There is an adjustable opening to allow the dispensing of different size treats. The gorgeous and disgraceful Iggy, Gracie Longhouse, is BANANAS over this ball. When filled with kibble she will drive everyone within hearing range BANANAS for 30 minutes straight. For those of you who suffered through the Great Duck Caper last year...this ball is worse....yep..you heard that right...WORSE!!!

Every time this ball is moved it emits what the manufacturer refers to as a "chuckle". It isn't a chuckle. It's a pitiful noise that the ancient Chinese would have referred to as "Chinese land torture"..which is even more painful than "Chinese water torture". <G>
While dogs LOVE this bowser ball...humans go WHACKO! This ball is manufactured by Vo-Toys and is called a "Chuckle Treat Ball".

It is without question Gracie's favorite all-time toy.

Price is $15 for one or $25 for two.

Please click on first PayPal button to order one Treat Ball .

Click on second PayPal button to order additional Treat Balls.





#158 Frisbees


Frisbees with an IGCA Rescue Iggy in the middle are now available. Each frisbee measures 9" diameter. These little hummers go zinging through the air like you wouldn't believe. Your dogs, kids and husbands will LOVE them!!!!!!!! They are available in all sorts of colors: hot pink, aqua, white, green, purple, red & orange.

Price is $6.00 apiece or 2 for $10.00. Shipping is included!


Please click on first PayPal button to order one IG Frisbee.

Click on second PayPal button to order additional IG Frisbees.

#233A - The Duck

... this adorable little duck quacks 3 times in a row when squeezed.

It measures 5.5" H.

It is an AWESOME toy! Dogs LOVE it!!!

Cost is $12 and that includes shipping.

#233F - Toy Tennis Ball with Straps

Here is a two tone tennis ball with a color coordinated strap. The colors are bright and easy to spot no matter where they roll!!!!

This toy is made by Zanies. Zanies pet toys are made from top-quality materials and are quality tested for durability. Two-tone tennis balls have durable nylon straps to provde hours of tossing, tugging and chewing fun.

Pets are crazy for Zanies Tennis Teasers!

Sale of these items benefit IG Rescue (IGRF).

ONE only of a single tennis ball with strap. $6.00 including shipping


ONE only of TWO tennis balls with straps $10.00 including shipping.


#233G - Stuffed Toy Reindeer

Here is a soft, plush stuffed Reindeer. When squeezed this Reindeer squeaks! This is a "Squatter" toy by Aspen. It is soft and cuddly and just about right for Iggy's little mouth. The squeak is fairly loud...but not particularly obnoxious. Measurement is: 4" H.

It is REALLY cute!!

Sale of this item benefits IG Rescue (IGRF).

One only! - $9.00 includes shippping.


#233I - Soft Stuffed Toy Hamburger

Here is a soft stuffed toy hamburger for your favorite canine. When squeezed the hamburger squeaks. Plush sandwiches like this hamburger have lots of sturdy layers to grab, tug and chew for extra playtime fun. This is a Zanies toy. Zanies pet toys are made from top quality materials and are quality tested for durability.

Measurements are: 5" diameter x 4" H.

Sale of this item benefits IG Rescue (IGRF).

There are FOUR ONLY of this toy.

$9.00 including shipping.


#233L - Barbell Tennis Bone IG Toys

Here are some extra cute "Barbell Tennis Bone" IG toys.

They are made of tiny tennis balls (about 1.5" diameter)
connected to a sturdy rubber "bone".

Iggy can chew on the bone, throw the tennis balls and
maybe even play tug of war.

These toys are value priced at $8.00 each or

2 for $14.00 including shipping!!!

They benefit the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.

Please click on first PayPal button to order ONE Barbell Tennis Bone Ig Toy.

Click on second PayPal button to order TWO Barbell Tennis Bone Ig Toys.


International shipping is extra on all toys.


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