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2003 Iggy Calendar


This calendar is TERRIFIC!!! I LOVE the front cover!!! On the back cover is a handy list
of Italgrey-L e-mail addies. The calendar is chock full of the cutest Iggies this side
of the rainbow bridge!!! Wait until you see those Iggymate centerfolds and
thumbnail photos. Those Iggies are all just plain adorable!!!

They are LOADED with Italgrey Iggy pix as usual among other things. There is a handy section listing MANY Italgrey e-mail addresses plus pix and names of dogs that we all know and love via

Sale of these calendars benefits IGCA Rescue.

Price $10.00, including shipping.




Please email Judy Longhouse to order.

International shipping is extra on all items.



Please email LonghouseJ@aol.com to order.

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