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IG Decorative Ruffled Collars in Earth Jewel Tones

Here are some beautiful gold trimmed Italian Greyhound ruffled collars. They are available in a variety of shades including: Jewelled Olive, Light Russian Olive, Jewelled Sienna and Light Burnt Sienna. Each collar shimmers in almost any light. They are made of either a shimmering satin type of fabric or perhaps some other nylon based fabric.

There is also just one Christmas Collar complete with holly and brightly colored ornaments. And there is just one Starburst Peach collar with delicate tendrils that wave in the wind when the dog moves. The Peach collar would fit a small IG with an 8" to 10.5" neck. The rest of the collars should fit most IGs that weigh from 8 pounds to 14 pounds. Please check with Deb Maicach before ordering at:


in order to be sure that the collar you would like is available.

Sale of these lovely collars benefit the over 800 dogs of IGCA Rescue! Every penny of your payment will directly help a dog!

$9.75 per collar including the cost of shipping!

Jewelled Olive Collar


Jewelled Sienna Collar Christmas Collar
Please click here to purchase a collar for USA.

Please click here to purchase a collar for International.



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