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NEW Canadian Fleece IG Snuggle Sacks WARM!

Here are some warm SOFT fleece snuggle sacks. Every spoiled rotten Italian Greyhound deserves one! IG Queen Gracie lives in hers!!!! She considers it a throne! These sacks are about the size of a pillow case: 18" x 25" ... some a little larger and some a little smaller. The size is just about perfect for an Italian Greyhound body! Here are some suggested uses for these sacks:

1. As a Snuggle Sack....THE PERFECT place for your IG to snooze in warmth, softness and peace.

2. As a warm liner in a Vari-Kennel: If you put the bag in and open it up for your IG to step into the bag, then the dog is completely surrounded in fleece. A simple way to travel in cold weather.

3. As a bag to carry your IG in when you are going out. This is especially good when your dog is nervous (like at the vet's office) because they feel more comforted and secure when wrapped up in a warm familiar "cocoon".

4. As a convenient cover.....An easy way to cover your dogs on the sofa, in their doggie beds, on your beds. After awhile Iggy becomes so comfortable with the Snuggler that he/she learns to open it unaided!

Easy care: machine wash and dry! These Snuggle Sacks do NOT shrink!

These are very affordable and will be sold at $15 each which INCLUDES the cost of shipping! These are priced low for a quick sale. These sacks are available in two designs: A. Soft as a Cloud and B. Safari Camouflage


If you prefer to pay for your order using PayPal please use "Add to Cart" button below.

Please e-mail Judy Longhouse at: LonghouseJ@aol.com
before ordering in order to make sure that the color and design you'd like is still available!!!

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