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Topaz Enamel Fawn IG Earrings

Here is a pair of topaz enamel over pewter earrings. The color is similar to that of a fawn IG. These earrings shimmer with exquisite variations of rich deep shaded topaz. Each earring has been hand painted and detailed. This item is definitely labor intensive! Each earring is not only beautiful and unusual...but light and comfortable to wear! Measurement is: 1.25" W. This is an eye-catching, unusual and beautiful set of Italian Greyhound earrings!!!! Please check out more of our jewelry for a matching pendant to this earring set!

$29.50 per set INCLUDING the cost of shipping for USA and Canadian residents. Please add an extra $3 for shipping to Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Please click here to order for USA.
Please click here to place an International Order.


Please email me at <longhousej@aol.com>to order.