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Exquisite Pewter and Agate Trinket Boxes!



If you want to give the perfect Christmas gift to those special IG/greyhound/whippet lovers in your life, this would be it. All of the boxes are carved out of rosewood, assembled in Brazil and topped off with a brilliant and unique piece of agate. Each one is truly different. These trinket boxes are not only gorgeous to look at, they can be useful, too. They have an exterior diameter of 3 ≤ inches and an interior diameter of 2 5/8 inches. The "sitting Iggy" box is 3 1/8 inch high while both the "curled Iggy" and the "sleeping Iggy" are 2 3/8 inch high. They're the perfect size for rings, paper clips, spare keys and the like or to simply sit on a shelf and be admired. Pick a color or colors to match your room, your mood or just choose your personal preference. Pick three; one for the living room, one for your bedroom and one for your office. You can never have too much sight hound memorabilia.One only of each design!


Price is $39 each, including shipping! International shipping is extra. Sale of this item benefits the Health Fund.

Please indicate name of trinket box in "Message to Seller" which is a link that appears in the PayPal process.




Please contact Judy Longhouse to order by check.


Curled Iggy on Amber Joy - SOLD! Sitting Iggy on Onyx Depth - SOLD!    
Sitting Iggy on Blue Froth - SOLD! Sitting Iggy on Sunlight Rays - SOLD!    
Laying Iggy on Sunburst Delight Sitting Iggy on Ocean Depths    
Laying Iggy on Blue Indigo - SOLD! Sitting Iggy on Sea Glass    
Laying Iggy on Emerald Reflection Curled Iggy on Shaded Earthtone - SOLD!    
Curled Iggy on Smooth Alabaster - SOLD!