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Prints...Antique to Contemporary

50% of the profit from the sale of these beautiful prints will benefit IGCA Rescue and the other 50% will benefit the IGCA Health Fund.


Prices listed include shipping.

Please email Judy Longhouseto order.

Please note -Judy is in FL and the prints are at her main residence in NY.

They can be ordered but there will be a delay in shipping until she returns to NY in May.

Afghan Hound and Yorkshire Terrier c 1880
"A Soft Shoulder" by Grace Lebbin
"Innocence" by Waterman
"Fauve" by Waterman
"Imps" by Waterman
"Pipsqueak" by Waterman
"Simon and the Bee" by Waterman
"Three Faces of Rescue" by Waterman

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