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The following items are offered for sale. 100% of profits are for the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation and IGCA Health Funds.

The IGCA Rescue Banker is now IGRF (Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation).

Please make all checks benefitting IGCA Rescue to IGRF.

IGCA Health Fund remains the same for the time being.

Please scroll down to see the fabulous items!!



For more information,or to order items by check, contact Holly Mastromatto by clicking on

Checks may be sent to:

Holly Mastromatto

c/o Bowser's Bistro
2116 N 4th St
Flagstaff AZ 86004

Holly has graciously agreed to handle the check orders while Judy is busy moving. Please contact Holly for all check orders, even if the page says to contact Judy. Thanks!

IGRF is now offering PayPal payments.

We have added individual PayPal buttons for each item.

You may use the PayPal buttons below to purchase an item or items,in the event that a button is not available, but PLEASE be sure to include item #(s) and all size, color, style choices or your order will take longer to process.


Regarding PayPal: Please know that each PayPal transaction costs either Rescue or the Health Fund between $1 or $2 in seller's fees. In spite of this we encourage everyone to use PayPal whenever convenient.

***International shipping is extra on all items. Also, multiple orders are mailed by different volunteers. International buyers need to calculate per item instead of per complete order.

International buyers: Please contact Patty Woodbury for a shipping total before ordering. After you are notified of the amount, please use the PayPal button below to purchase items as all the other buttons are set with US prices -thanks!

*Sometimes PayPal orders come in before the sites can be adjusted. To check on availability of item, email Judy Longhouse for items that will be paid via check.-email Patty Woodbury for PayPal items-thanks!



**Delivery of items usually takes place between 7 and 21 days after we receive payment.

We are a breed rescue group and everyone on our staff is strictly a volunteer.


Please email Judy <> with any questions before sending payment by check.

For PayPal questions/shipping, email Patty Woodbury at <>

Thank you!

Donations of Used IG Coats, Sweaters, Paraphernail WANTED:

Over the years some of you have probably stockpiled extra Iggy coats, sweaters, collars, leashes, tee shirts, etc. Here's a chance to do some good with your extra IG paraphernalia. Please send whatever you have to:

Terri & John Jones
1037 Grand Street
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Terry and John will distribute these goodies to rescue reps. You will be directly helping a dog!





Click PayPal Button below to donate to Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation


Click PayPal Button below to donate to IGCA Health Fund





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IG Rescue and Health Items For Sale...

"R" next to the item indicates an IGCA Rescue Foundation Fund Item.
"H" next to the item indicates an IGCA Health Fund item.
* next to an item indicates "for all breeds".

We will reserve items for 14 days pending payment - thanks!



Books, Magazines and Calendars

#172 The Italian Greyhound Magazine-R

Collars, Leashes and EXQUISITE Necklaces for Iggy (NOT you!)
#167 Fancy Ruffled Collars-Decorative only-R
Collar Charms
IG Coats, Sweaters and T-shirts
Spoiled Iggy Comforts
Belly Bands
#026 BellyBands-AKA Squirt Stoppers-R ***These come in TWO Sizes***
People Stuff

#113 Sterling Playing IG Pendant-H

#012 Pewter Heart Pendant or Ornament-H

#109 Gold Playing Iggy Pendant-H


Business Cards
Note Cards, Note Pads, Postcards
Calendars -Collector's Items
Figurines and Collectibles
Glass Items
Candle Things
Bottle Corks
Cookie Cutters
Canfield Collector's Item

Canfield 2004 Candids DVD-R

Beanie Babies
Bumper Stickers/Decals/Auto
Key Chains and Luggage Tags
Metal Iggy Items
Decorative Items
Garden and Home Items
Gift Ideas
Health Items



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Please contact Patty Woodbury with questions about this site.

Updated December, 2005

These items are sold to benefit Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation and the Italian Greyhound Health Fund. Please note which fund payment for the item(s) goes to and make checks out to IG Rescue Foundation, Inc. or IGCA Health Fund. Many of the items are made and/or donated by volunteers. All our workers are volunteers who put many hours into this project along with having their own lives to live. We process as quickly as possible. Please do not request custom items or detailed correspondence unless the volunteer has offered such.