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The following items are offered for sale. 100% of profits are for the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation and IGCA Health Funds.

The IGCA Rescue Banker is now IGRF (Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation).

Please make all checks benefitting IGCA Rescue to IGRF.

IGCA Health Fund remains the same for the time being.

Please scroll down to see the fabulous items!!


IG Rescue and Health Items For Sale...
"R" next to the item indicates an IGCA Rescue Foundation Fund Item.
"H" next to the item indicates an IGCA Health Fund item.
* next to an item indicates "for all breeds".

We will reserve items for 14 days pending payment - thanks!

Please click here to visit the GREYT DUCK CAPER!

Toys, Hall of Fame and Photo Contest!!

Please click on 2007 Holiday Sale Banner above to visit the sale site....Thanks!



** Please note -there is a 3-21 day turnaround on items as we are all volunteer. :)


Books, Magazines and Calendars

#172 The Italian Greyhound Magazine-R

Collars, Leashes and EXQUISITE Necklaces for Iggy (NOT you!)
#167 Fancy Ruffled Collars-Decorative only-R
Collar Charms
IG Coats, Sweaters and T-shirts-Warm Stuff!
Spoiled Iggy Comforts
Belly Bands
#026 BellyBands-AKA Squirt Stoppers-R ***These come in TWO Sizes***
People Stuff